recycled materials--PCR Bottle

 PCR Bottle

-- 100% PCR (the hand feeling is hard)

-- 50% PCR + 50% LDPE (the hand feeling is softer)


-- (Recycled High Density Polyethylene)

-- (Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE) is similar to HDPE in composition. It is less rigid and generally less chemically resistant than HDPE, but is more translucent. LDPE is used primarily for squeeze applications.)


** Post Consumer Resin (PCR) is a blend of reclaimed natural HDPE (primarily from milk and water containers) and virgin resin. The recycled material is cleaned, ground and recompounded into uniform pellets along with prime virgin material especially designed to build up environmental stress crack resistance. PCR has no odor but exhibits a slight yellow tint in its natural state. This tint can be hidden by the addition of color. PCR is easily processed and inexpensive. However, it cannot come into direct contact with food or pharmaceutical products. PCR can be produced in a variety of recycled content percentages up to 100%.



Sourced from bottles of Taiwanese consumers after using, the cleaning and regrinding processes of plastic take place also locally. By simplifying the types of origin wasted plastic, the quality of the reborn granules is therefore more stable, as well as the product we make afterwards.


In the past, due to the technique limits, packaging made of recycled-material usually appears grey with small dots in it, sometimes with unpleasant smell. This happens not only in plastic, but in paper or other re-produced material. You can see in below picture that the bottles are quite clean, with only very few dots that can’t even be seen clearly by photo. To produce recycled material into different colors or shapes is also possible.


Those bottles can be preserved for a long time, almost no difference from new-made plastic containers. And they are of course recyclable. Plastic can actually be recycled and reused 5-6 times until it totally breaks down.


If you are interested in the recycled material, or would like to seek other types of plastic containers, please feel easy to raise any concerns. We are looking forward to introducing the possibility of packaging and establishing cooperation with international partners.

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